Monday, April 21, 2014

Electric Cargo Bicycle: Yuba elMundo is the Future

Fun, Powerful, Green, Electric — Yuba's elMundo is the True Alternative To Gas Powered Vehicles.

When it comes to the regular Mundo, Yuba keeps it simple. It's an excellent cargo bike with a strong frame that can carry lots of weight with many of cargo and child-carrying options. This is a great option for people that enjoy getting that extra workout from their daily commute or when picking up the kids means only riding up a few hills. For many others, though, getting up steep hills (even with a lot of gears) or traveling long distances would make it impractical and inconvenient.

The elMundo is an answer to that problem. The elMundo's powerful Bionx electric assist system offers four levels of assist - 25%, 50%, 100%, and 300% to get you there faster and drier. The system's regenerative breaking system makes it possible to go up to 45 miles per charge, with a top speed of 20 mph.

The integrated rear rack is welded to the frame, resulting in unsurpassed cargo hauling ability, stiffness, and strength. Simple braze-ons allow for easy configuration and installation of Yuba accessories.

Driving this e-bike is a 350 watt gearless direct drive motor mounted to the rear wheel. The motor is designed for high torque applications and climbs well, and if you join in pedal assist mode it works even better. The real powerhouse on this bike is the battery pack which offers 48 volts of power and 8.8 amp hours of capacity. The pack locks into the frame, is removable and can be charged on or off the bike.

From Yuba Bikes: "On top of the bicycle's innate green design, the El Mundo will get you to almost any place a car will with a lot less pollution, carbon, and zero fuel. It's rechargeable battery lasts 20-37 miles — depending on usage and terrain — and costs 3-5 cents per charge.

It's the future: Electric bikes provide exercise, a relationship with the great outdoors, they save money, they're safe, they perform a bit like a car and a lot like a bicycle, they allow you to circumvent clogged arteries, and park almost anywhere. Oh, and there's no driver's license required"

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