Friday, April 4, 2014

3 Items That Will Improve Your Ride In SF

Photo Credit: Michael Macor, The Chronicle


All Bikes in San Francisco Need A Few Items That Aren't Part of the Bicycle.


1. Knog Blinder Road Headlight

I use this light for it's dual beam design which can be used with one light blinking and the other static. As a daily commuter it's paramount to have a blinking light. It's my belief that static lights are less noticeable than a bright blinking one. The blinder allows for this and also has a program for bright static beams for those few parts of town that are lowly lit such as Townsend St. or Golden Gate Park. Another great feature of this light is that it's USB rechargeable

2. Axiom Streamliner Rear Rack

After trying many racks over the course of my cycling life I have found the Streamliner to be the best for my uses. Rather than stack items on top of a rack or a basket, I am more inclined to use side mounted paniers and the Streamliner accommodates this method of carry best. It has a very narrow top, so narrow in fact that stacking anything on top of it is nearly impossible. It uses less material, making it lighter and keeps it within the lines of my bicycle. I love this rack!

3. Ortlieb Vario Backpack Pannier

Waterproof and with the ability to be converted into a pannier, it is simply the finest and most useful pack I've owned. It's strong and incredibly durable, making it a great value. It's design is based on functionality. For example, the structure allowing the bag to be used solely as a backpack is completely removable. There are no shoulder straps to tuck in anywhere, you simply detach the unit with it's quick release system, hang, the now pannier, on your rack and off you go! It's designed very deep. In fact, when stuffed full of "stuff" you may not even need to close the top. I discovered this design feature by accident after overloading it on a trip to the farmers market and being forced to ride home with bunches of kale and red chard sticking out the top of the bag like a bouquet of roses. Since first trying it on, I've used nothing else.

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